all of the stars by kran sanon

Join My Street Launch Team and Receive 5 Exclusive Benefits

I need your help. Part of building your PLATFORM is recognizing you need others to help you along the way. That’s true for you. It’s true for me.

As we’re approaching the launch of my new book All of the Stars, I’ve decided to try something different. I am inviting you to join me in creating a special “Street Launch Team.” It’s a peer group of people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and help get the word out about the book. If you’re a reader, good but if you’re also an author like me then even better because I will become a part of your street team as well whenever your new book comes out. I am looking for a long-term friendship.

Street Team Member Benefits

As a Street Launch Team member you will get:

  1. A free, electronic review copy of the book in advance of the publication date.
  2. Exclusive access to me and the other team members in a Private Facebook Group.
  3. I will become a member of your launch team and promote all your books.
  4. A special THANK YOU with link to your blog or website on my blog.
  5. A LIFETIME discount on all my soon-to-be-released books (I currently have 12 WIP’s!)

Street Team Member Requirements

As a member of the Street Launch Team you will:

  1. Write a brief book review on Amazon or some other book site.
  2. Help spread the word about the book in any way you can, to your existing platform and beyond, during the week of November 16th.
  3. Share ideas and brainstorm additional ways we might further expose the message to an even greater audience. All ideas are welcome (Optional).

That’s it!

Team Member Sign-Up

Thank you for your interest in the All of the Stars Launch Team. You can email me on: for sign-up. You can share all your details like platform on that email and I will get back to you.

All of the Stars Press Kit

You can also download the Press Kit below for all the info about All of the Stars. You can use that for promotion and if you need more things like promotional images then do let me know.

Thanks for your support. Bye!

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