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Kran Sanon was born in the Pacific Island country of Fiji. He is someone who is passionate about almost everything pop culture.

Telling stories has always been his favorite thing. He loves high fantasy, science fiction, and unconventional romance sagas. He also has a degree in Information Systems and Economics.

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Born in the beautiful Pacific Island country of Fiji.

Completed Primary Education at Saraswati Primary School.

Completed Year 9 & Year 10 Education at Vunimono High School.

Completed High School Studies at Saraswati College.

Successfully graduated with BCom in Economics & Information Systems from the Fiji National University.

Started writing All of the Stars.

Will publish first ever novel in November.

all of the stars by kran sanon

All of the Stars

rewrite the stars by kran sanon

Rewrite the Stars

beyond the stars by kran sanon

Beyond the Stars